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This recommendation is actually a thank you that we would like to express to Martina and Viktor for the successful completion of the work and for the positive experience of working together with them. And that’s why we would like to share with you a pleasant feeling. First of all, because of the attention they paid to us and their desire to save us from long administrative procedures. They managed to obtain all the necessary documents, which we simply signed. ТIt has been a collaboration with someone who is full of enthusiasm, work ethic and care for his customers. So speed, efficiency and professionalism would be the final impression of their involvement.

– family Markoski

I used Servisea’s services because it involved administrative services in several public institutions, knowing that these required much time and “energy”. They completed the work professionally, competently, diligently and on time. It is a pleasure to work with such positive and hardworking young people. I recommend them…

– Sasho Veloski

As the old saying goes: “Friends are always there, in good times and bad”. Unfortunately, friends are not always there to help. That’s why the young enthusiasts from Servisea are here, selflessly and professionally completing every task with ease. Thank you for your professionalism, keep up the good work. We wish you success in everything you do.

– family Pavloski

I would like to express my gratitude to Martina and Viktor for the work they have successfully completed. I am honoured to have worked with such a team of young people. They are full of desire and will to satisfy their customers.

– Nikola Noveski

I am pleased with your performance, your dedication and your sacrifice during the process. Keep up the good work.

O. Bajram

Dear Martina and Viktor,

It is very courageous and noble to work according to your motto: “Your problem is our mission”.

I am eternally greatful for receiving me with respect and for “taking away the headache”, so to say, that the Macedonian building regulations had caused me. The relatively low price for the service does not do justice to how much – literally! – you have saved me from an ineffective waste of time, stress, worry and bad mood.

Not only that. Even though you did the necessary things, by constantly letting me know where the item was, I got the impression that I was in control.

With many thanks and best regards,

Strasho Ilieski

Exceptionally high level of professionalism and success as a result. Servisea provided a legal-administrative service that solved my longstanding problem. For anyone in need of legal-administrative services, a sincere recommendation.

Thank you for your service.

S. Spaseski

The professionalism and dedication you have shown in carrying out such complex projects is the most obvious proof of hard work. We are delighted that you have accepted this challenge and we look forward to working with you in the future! appreciate the way you share your enthusiasm with others! Thank you for your daily efforts! Thank you for all your help, we always appreciate your well thought out solutions!


– family Shajnoski

Many thanks to Servisea and its consultants, sincerely recommending customers to save time and leave their problems to the Servisea team.

Yours sincerely

Ruzica P.

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